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About Us

For over 25 years, Mepco Mouldings Ltd, has specialised in compression moulding DMC products (Dough Moulded Compound), ideally suited for housing electrical components such as transformers, rectifiers, batteries, lighting, electronics and instrumentation.

We are the leading manufacturer of portable tool transformer housings and industrial portable junction boxes. We are able to produce housings for any equipment needing a robust, electrically insulated and water resistant material. Our range of enclosures have been used to protect components from harsh and hostile environments on construction sites, refineries, chemical works, marine, civil, military and industrial locations.

Our factory is based in Cardiff and we currently supply to the UK and European markets. Worldwide distribution is also available.


We have an in-house DMC material mixing plant that can accommodate a high production volume and where we can adjust the matrix of the material to any specification such as fire retardant properties or enhanced strength and a range of colours to the international RAL code.
On site drilling facilities enable us to provide specified aperture requirements for cable entries and sockets.


We can accommodate customers own tooling within our plant and produce to their schedule and requirements. Should there be a demand for specific enclosure, not within the current range, then we are able to give a complete service from design to tool cost quotation and development to production of a finished product.

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